Facebook vs Twitter: Battle of Social Networks. Which should I use?

Facebook and Twitter have been dominating the social network for years. Many people ask me which one is better? As an avid user of both, I can answer this question, and it is easier than it seems: They are equally awesome, but in totally different ways. For me, Facebook is a way to keep up with my friends, whilst Twitter is a place to follow blogs and keep up to date with the tech world.

Facebook is incredible. Not totally in it’s quality (we will get to that later) but in the way that it has captivated so much of the population. Every single one of my friends uses Facebook which shows their dominance over the market. I’m not completely in love with Facebook, but it is so widespread now that you would be an outcast if you didn’t use it. For this reason, I use FB to talk and keep up with my friends, and maybe laugh at the occasional… daily… hourly meme 😉 Facebook does have it’s flaws though. The app, for example, is the worst app I have ever seen created for iPad. It is so ridiculously slow, you feel like you’re back on dial-up! There are also issues and inconsistencies throughout the network which bother me occasionally, but basically, Facebook gets the job done.

Twitter is a totally different type of social network. Not as much communicating with friends, but more following blogs, interesting people, celebrities etc which will make you want to get up in the morning and check your feed. I use Twitter to keep up with the tech world. Following all types of blogs which give me insight into the world of Apple. This is such a new and different way to get the news. We have evolved past newspapers, TV, email, RSS and have moved to the future of news, Twitter. The official Twitter app is decent but I would recommend Tweetbot if you get really into your tweets. Twitter needs to try and give more personal friend features if they want to overcome Facebook and win the majority of users. But as of now, they haven’t done that.

Facebook and Twitter are completely different, but equally dominant and awesome. I use both of them simultaneously, and I think everybody should. So stop reading my article, comment, subscribe, whatever, and then go tweet or make a FB status and find out which one is better for yourself. Or come to the conclusion I have and add both apps to their rightful place on your dock.

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