Stream Video from your Mac/Time Capsule to your iPad

Downloading videos is becoming more and more common these days, and of course the best device to watch these on is the iPad. Because the iPad is not the best device for downloading, most people download these videos on a computer. They then convert these files to mp4 and sync with iTunes. This can get a bit tedious for a single 20 minute episode of a TV Show.

I store my videos on a Time Capsule and wanted to stream the avi files I download to my iPad easily and quickly. Enter Video Stream.

Video Stream is an app that allows you to stream and live convert any video on your computer or Time Capsule to your iPad with no waiting times. Just download the Video Stream app and Server for your computer and add the folders you wish to access (add a Time Capsule or other external drive as you would any other folder). You can then open the app and navigate to the video you want to watch. Tap on it and it will begin to play instantly, no matter the format! You can also store these videos for offline viewing.

I have tried a lot of these apps (Air Video is the most popular), but I find that Video Stream has a very engaging interface and is updated regularly (retina display update was important for me).

Check it out and end your converting woes! ;)

Video Stream ($2.99 US)

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Sync your Mac OS X Documents folder with Google Drive

We all like backup and storage solutions such as Dropbox and the recently introduced Google Drive. They help us make a central folder to which we can access on multiple devices.

Do you ever wish you could just choose to sync your ‘Documents’ folder on your Mac to Google Drive without having to put everything into that Google Drive folder?

I wanted to be able to make Google Drive a seamless backup system that does not interrupt of confuse my workflow.

I have found a way to make your Mac OS X Lion created Documents folder your Google Drive folder. You will be able to keep everything in that folder (stored locally to Mac) and automatically have it backed up to Google Drive, making it accessible to other devices. Here’s how:

(Note: This is how I did this on my Macbook. I am not responsible for anything that happens as a result of this. Perform with caution).

1. Move or copy all files and folders in your Mac Documents folder to your Google Drive folder in Finder. This should back them up to the cloud.

2. Go into Terminal and type in “/Users/{home folder name}/” (Obviously replacing with your home folder name). Then type in “sudo mv Documents Docs”. This will rename the Mac OS X Documents folder to Docs. You don’t have to call it ‘Docs’. You can call it ‘MacDocs’ or something else but make sure it is one word. Now type in ‘killall Finder’ and wait for it to relaunch.

3. Find the Google Drive sidebar folder in Finder and right click on it and select rename. Rename the folder to ‘Documents’. Now you can drag the folder up to the spot that Docs is in the sidebar. Right click on Docs and remove it from sidebar. Now the ‘Documents’ folder will also have the sidebar icon that comes with Mac OS X.

4. Google Drive will come up with a sync error. When it says to locate the folder, direct the app to the newly created Documents folder. This will then fix the error and continue syncing.

5. You can now delete the Docs folder if you want to. Not necessary but can reduce clutter.

And that’s it! Your Documents folder will now be stored locally and automatically be uploaded and synced with Google Drive!

Let me know if you get it working or if you have any questions at @marsbars06 ;)

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