SendTab should be Apple’s inspiration for iCloud Tabs

iPad. iPhone. MacBook. Work Windows PC.
This is a very common set of devices for somebody to have. We try to sync all our data between them, but there is still not a solid way. As great as iCloud is, it still does not cover some syncing between devices that should be standard. One of those, is tab syncing for browsers.

Web browsing can become very tedious when you are constantly emailing or copying URL’s between devices. This is not efficient as you want to be able to quickly and swiftly go between devices. SendTab to the rescue!

SendTab is a browser utility made my XOXCO. It has become something I use every day and for free, it is as much as you can ask for. SendTab allows you to send multiple tabs amongst computers and devices in your SendTab ‘network’. SendTab has browser extensions for Safari and Chrome and a bookmarklet and app for iOS devices. Simply create a SendTab network and you can start adding all your devices. When you find a tab you want on a different device, just press the SendTab extension/bookmarklet and select the device you want it on. This will then beam it to the device. When you next open that computer, the tab will pop up automagically!

SendTab is amazing, and until Apple revamps iCloud to fully sync all your data, I happily keep using it.



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